Want to Curate or Produce an event?

Marginal Arts Festival relies on creative and driven individuals who want to see their ideas come to fruition. If you would want to produce or curate you own exhibition, event, concert, install

ation, happening, meetings, community activity, parade or gathering THEN we want to help you! Contact us at


Are you an artist interested in participating in Marginal Arts festival? We’d love to hear from you and see some examples of your work. All information on the artists who submit work will be made available to the Marginal Arts Festival curators and producers.


Marginal Arts festival is going to be huge this year and we’re going to need a lot of help! We are printing the coolest volunteer teeshirt ever and the only way to get yours is to sign up here! Wearing the tee shirt will grant you free admission to all events and will be a great keepsake. All volunteers will need to attend orientation session in mid January so grab a friend or two and sign up now!

Want a more executive role?

Marginal Arts festival is looking for bright and energetic self starters to take a leadership role. Although all positions are unpaid the festival provides a great opportunity to build your portfolio and resume and is great if you are interested in an event planning career!

For information about volunteering at this year’s festival please send us a note at

Join our Parade!!

Parade route to be finalized soon, please contact Ralph Eaton for details.

3 Responses to Participate

  1. We do an odd combination of poetry and weird photography. I don’t know how that might fit in but we discovered your festival by accident this weekend and were completely enchanted by it. If there were a way to participate next year that would be wicked cool – Joan

  2. GandT says:

    We will be having a meeting soon to discuss this years Festival and begin the preparations for next year. The best source of up to date information is Facebook Page MArginal Arts Festival, Roanoke. I am sure there will be a place for your guys. If you are not on facebook email and we will make contact

  3. Beverly Shideler says:

    I do an assortment of clay,mixed media and assemblege and would be interested in partisipating 2013. Thanks much, Beverly

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