Todays Sponsors are :- Community High SchoolTaubman Museum of Art,

Special Thanks to Corrugated Container Corp.

Saturday February 18:

Taubman Museum & Community High School.

Event Leads – Ralph Eaton, Brian Counihan, Stephanie Martin.

The Fourth Annual Marginal Arts Parade

(The return of the Art Rat) 

11am – noon Pre-parade assembly/staging area will be at Community High School. 302 Campbell Ave SE. WE MARCH AT NOON!

The Parade will march a route that will loop back to behind the Taubman Museum (Norfolk Ave & Market St S.E.) where The Absurdist Street Carnival will receive us.

10am Sweded Film festivals competition: Teams MUST meet up at The Shadowbox on February 18th at 10am to be briefed on the details of the challenge. Film MUST be ready and returned to The Shadowbox at 10am, February 19th.

11:00 – 3:00pm  Large scale woodcuts PRINTED BY STEAMROLLER.

Noon – 12:30pm  Marginal Arts Festival Parade

11.00 – 3:00pm  Absurdist Carnival

2:00 – 3:00 pm  Be Blank Consort performs experimental sound poetry in the Liminal Gallery at Community High School.  Poet’s from across America have gathered here to perform simultaneous poems  composed through the mail-art network. Free.

3:00 – 5:00 pm at Exclamations at 206 Market Square participate in the grass-roots Star City Shadow School Workshops brought to you buy local Roanokers, Post Neo-Absurdists, and Friends from Ohio, New York and Seattle Washington. Free.

3.00 – 6.00 pm- An Afternoon of Music in the June M. McBroom Theater.- including Community High School Band and Blue Mule.

5:00 – 8:00 pm at Exclamations at 206 Market Square see performances by Ohio based poets and performers John M. Bennett, C Mehrl Bennett, Reid Wood, Imogene Engine, and more Fluxus and Post Neo-Absurdist performances. Free.

6-00 – 10pm Don’t Think Twice, Exhibitions 115 Salem Avenue in downtown Roanoke Opening Reception.

10:00 – 3:00pm  Spectacular Saturday activities at the Taubman

7:30 – 9pm  Vaudeville Night at the June McBroom Theatre at CHS.  Join us for an evening of live music by Another Roadside Attraction and the Big Nasty Jazz Band, Magic and Sideshow Wonders by Nelson Oliver, and Tap by Blacksburg’s Junk DNA and Floyd’s Rhythm Fire Dance Company.  $5.00 at the door!

Parade 2011

EXCLAMATIONS – Curated exhibitions and solo shows by regional artists, installation, light sculptures and video projections, performance, film and readings. Will run throughout the Festival.


The Aesthetic Document, at WVTF public radio art galleries: Two- and three-dimensional work that explores the idea of document as art. Exhibition will run from February 1 through till March.

The exhibit will include an opening from 5 to 7 on February 17 including a musical performance from 5:30pm to 6:30pm – Music as Document. Performers will include sopranos Judith Cline, Helena Brown and Heather Albrecht; mezzo soprano Ada Lis Jimena, violinist Benedict Goodfriend; clarinetist Bruce McGarvey, vocalist Mike Mitchell and pianist Cara Ellen Modisett and the audience will be invited to participate in an impromptu composition at the end of the performance.

Exhibit artists include Billy Bob Beamer, Heather Brush, Tim Campbell, Christine Carr, Jimmy Deck, Ralph Eaton, Chris Gryder, Jim Leftwich, Martha Sullivan, Mim Young and students at Community High School for Arts and Academics. Reception catered by the VT Inn, Mikie’s 7th and Chateau Morrisette. 540-819-3953; contact WVTF at 540-989-8900.WVTF at 540-989-8900.


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