Ongoing Exhibitions – 2012

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Exhibiting artists with International reputations;

Alexandra Zierle, Paul Carter and Rebecca Weeks are UK BASED INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ARTISTS working collaboratively in their arts practice, as well as curating live art events.

Zierle and Carter’s collaborative work is interdisciplinary, multi-sensory and site and context responsive spanning from live art/performance art, happenings and interventions, to sound, video and installation. Their work has occupied both gallery and public space. Non gallery sites have included busy shopping streets, a indoor city market, a library, a World War 2 bunker, a disused railway tunnel, and under stairways. Also working nomadically and to hand during the Ferdinand Zweig Scholarship in Argentina, work was created in city squares, housing estates, in Patagonian Welsh communities, the top of a volcano, at the base of a glacier, in a hot spring, and in deserts. To date their work has explored one to one interactive performances, social sculpture, process led actions, devised work, improvisation and the making and breaking of rules, body centred works, object led works, bold/highly visible work, and sensitive/discreet actions. Their work addresses notions of belonging, cultural identity, the dynamics within relationships, harmony through conflict and the transformation of limitations. Alexandra and Paul will be leading several performance workshops at Ferrum University and in Roanoke, and will spend their time here further exploring Roanoke’s culture, history, and context. They will process their experience through a major performance at Exclamations on Friday, Feb. 17. Many Roanokers will remember their intense, moving, and generous performance here at last year’s MAF and they are excited to be here for a second year to share with us.

Fluxus worker Reid Wood will be with us for the 2012 Marginal Arts Festival! Spread the word! At 00:28 you can see MAF veteran Wilheim Katastrof!

Sculptor Kurt Steger’s Burden Boat will be on display inside the former CODA building at 1327 Grandin Road. People should drop off their burdensome and divisive papers at area Grandin Road businesses and the boat will be filled throughout the week of the Festival.

FLUXUS events will include works by artist and curator Keith Buchholtz

The Institute of Aesthletics or the The Pedalto Institution for Incorporated Art, one of the alleged parties responsible for Bosch on Ice, will be present at the Marginal Arts Festival, Roanoke.

VISPO is a loose international amalgamation of visual poets including John M. Bennett, and Jim Leftwich

British theorist/ performer/ organiser/ psychogeographer/ activist Rebecca Weeks will be in Residence all of February  here in Roanoke for the MAF, stirring things up and looking forward to meeting & working with many of you!  Visit her here.

EXCLAMATIONS! Explorations of light, sound, space and the experientiality of performance art

Clover Archer Lyle and Alison Hall will be presenting Don’t Think Twice, Twice an exhibition in conjunction with the Marginal Arts Festival, February 18-20.  The exhibition will take place at 115 Salem Avenue in downtown Roanoke with an opening reception on Saturday, February 18 from 6-10pm.  The gallery will be open on Sunday and Monday (February 19 & 20) from 3-6pm. Clover Archer will present large scale scroll drawings and Alison Hall will present new work, large scale paintings. Visiting artist Chris Byrd will be presenting work in the Project Space of the gallery, this will be his second exhibition in Roanoke, VA.

Inagural Roanoke Art Mural Project (RAMP).

Inagural Roanoke Art Mural Project (RAMP).  Scott Noel will create a painting on the side of a building that visually promotes an issue being resolved by a local non-profit organization.  The mural will be painted throughout the MAF and will be finished by February 21st.  Dedication ceremony when completed with Press coverage.


The Aesthetic Document, at WVTF public radio art galleries: Two- and three-dimensional work that explores the idea of document as art. The exhibit will include an opening from 5 to 7 on February 17 including a musical performance from 5:30pm to 6:30pm – Music as Document. Performers will include sopranos Judith Cline, Helena Brown and Heather Albrecht; mezzo soprano Ada Lis Jimena, violinist Benedict Goodfriend; clarinetist Bruce McGarvey, vocalist Mike Mitchell and pianist Cara Ellen Modisett and the audience will be invited to participate in an impromptu composition at the end of the performance. Exhibit artists include Billy Bob Beamer, Heather Brush, Tim Campbell, Christine Carr, Jimmy Deck, Ralph Eaton, Chris Gryder, Jim Leftwich, Martha Sullivan, Mim Young and students at Community High School for Arts and Academics. Reception catered by the VT Inn, Mikie’s 7th and Chateau Morrisette. 540-819-3953; contact WVTF at 540-989-8900.WVTF at 540-989-8900.


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