Todays Sponsors are :-  Wilson Hughes Gallery and The Shadowbox Theater.

Weather effect - Program will continue as you see here but the school will be closed. Billy Bob Beamer has a reading tonight in LIMINAL at 7:30- Other Fringe activities should continue as planned.

Liminal -

From Billy Bob
7:30  to around 9..Heath Nevergold [electronica] and I [Pocket Trumpet] will present free improvisation interspersed with reading[s]…by me…AND by any others in attendance who wish to read [with ambient sounds improvised]… ’spontaneous utterances’ by all in attendance are not only permitted but encouraged… also, performance by audience members on randomly devised percussion instruments [no damage please] is encouraged…

Monday February 20 MARGINAL FRINGE – Old Southwest Roanoke and vicinity.

Event Lead Warren Fry

HOUSE EXHIBITIONS visual art in ordinary homes


 9:00 am – 8:00 pm  Old Show Fest or Fulcrum Jacket Ripping Time:  Witness the underground of the underground in Roanoke on Monday February 20th.  Members of Roanoke’s creative subculture who live in Old Southwest and Grandin Village will open their homes to friends from around town, the country, and the globe.  Apartment shows have their roots in the Salon’s and Soiree’s of 17th-19th century Europe and have functioned as a refuge from the moneyed, institutional restraints of the Art system in the avant-garde practices of Dada, Surrealism, Fluxus, The Situationist International, Neoism and Post Neo-Absurdism.  The home’s use as a potential gallery, meeting place, music hall, stage, or performance space alters the site of domestic life into an intimate, fluid, autonomous and experimental terrain based on the here-and-now of friendship and mutual concern as opposed to professional hierarchies and canonical dogma. Email for more details.

9:00 – 11:00am  Postponed until Tuesday Percussion Workshop with River Guerguerian Community High School

12:30 – 3:00pm  Metropolitan Community Church of the Blue Ridge: 806 Jamison Ave SE (Roanoke)

The Covering Caravaggio Art Exhibit located in the Celebration Hall.  This new exhibit features local artist David Lavelle’s six covers or interpretations of the Italian artist Caravaggio’s sacred works.  Following the death of his father in 2008, Lavelle took on the care of his mother.  While he felt as though his abstractabilities were absent as a painter, he was drawn to Caravaggio and his magnificent use of light and color.  Over the next three years, he painted six pieces, all from his observation of 9 1/2x 7 1/2 art book images.

The Ricketson-Harris-Verkruisen LGBT Library located on the third floor.  This 3,000+ volume collection is unique in southwest Virginia and includes both rare and new volumes of LGBT literature.  Jim Ricketson donated the initial collection, which grew under the care of Ed Harris until his death.  Lieven Verkruisen was Ed’s partner and continues to promote the work of the library.

Three Art Exhibits located in the center room of the third floor, including the sculpture Chairway to Heaven, by Ralph Eaton, originally installed as part of the Labyrinth exhibit here in March 2011, in collaboration with the Marginal Arts Festival; The Seven Last Words of Christ, as photographed and created by Skip Van Cel. The prints were donated by Jack Imbirowicz and Victor Clingenpeel; TakeUp Your Cross, a collection contributed by Rev. Joe Cobb.

3:00 – 5:00pm  Live Art / Performance Art event – Ferrum College

5:00 – 6:00pm  Exhibition opening – Ferrum College

5:15 Music by acoustic guitarist Keith Bowniece; 6:15 yoga; 8:00 benefit concert by River Guerguerian. St Elizabeths Episcopal.

7.30pm Reading at Liminal  Billy Bob Beamer

8:00 – 9:30pm  Viewing of the Sweded Film winners – Shadowbox theater – details below

“The World’s Longest Lover’s Telephone” Old Southwest Times and Locations to be arranged.



Combining Iron Chef with our popular Sweded film festivals, The Shadowbox offers up the ultimate filmmaking challenge. Teams will be given only 24 hours to swede a film and deliver it back to us. Just like Iron Chef, everyone will be given the same “ingredient” to interpret however they please.

To sign your team up, email us at (put Iron Swede in the subject). Make sure to include the names of every team member, your team name and a phone number we can contact you at. Teams can be consist of as many people as you like or if you’re a loner, it can just be you.

Teams MUST meet up at The Shadowbox on February 18th at 10am to be briefed on the details of the challenge. Film MUST be ready and returned to The Shadowbox at 10am, February 19th.

*Please note films must be delivered to us on a playable DVD. We cannot accept computer files for this one.


Filmmakers get into the screening for free and it’s free to enter the challenge.

EXCLAMATION – Curated exhibitions and solo shows by regional artists, installation, light sculptures and video projections, performance, film and readings.


Monday morning, 10:00-11:00 – St. Elizabeth’s Episcopal

9:00 a.m. A regular meeting of friends, diverse practitioners of meditation and philosophical/religious thought and discussion. Meditation continues throughout the day. Musicians will include Keith Bownice at 5:00 p.m.

6:15 – 7:30 Vinyasa Yoga taught by Beth Oakes.

8:00 A music and meditation experience with Asheville, N.C.-based percussionist River Guerguerian.


The Aesthetic Document, at WVTF public radio art galleries: Two- and three-dimensional work that explores the idea of document as art.

The exhibit will include an opening from 5 to 7 on February 17 including a musical performance from 5:30pm to 6:30pm – Music as Document. Performers will include sopranos Judith Cline, Helena Brown and Heather Albrecht; mezzo soprano Ada Lis Jimena, violinist Benedict Goodfriend; clarinetist Bruce McGarvey, vocalist Mike Mitchell and pianist Cara Ellen Modisett and the audience will be invited to participate in an impromptu composition at the end of the performance.

Exhibit artists include Billy Bob Beamer, Heather Brush, Tim Campbell, Christine Carr, Jimmy Deck, Ralph Eaton, Chris Gryder, Jim Leftwich, Martha Sullivan, Mim Young and students at Community High School for Arts and Academics. Reception catered by the VT Inn, Mikie’s 7th and Chateau Morrisette. 540-819-3953; contact WVTF at 540-989-8900.WVTF at 540-989-8900.

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