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Although the 2008 marked the first Marginal Arts Festival we only began using this site to archive festival events in 2010.

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2011 Parade

Bread & Puppet Theater will be here in Roanoke to participate in the Marginal Arts Festival Parade, but that is not all! We’ll have a band play a real New Orleans funeral march thanks to the Jefferson Center, Star Bomb, neighborhood groups, Vexilloid display, the Art Rat float, Punch & Judy shows, artists in wild costumes, kinetic art, Dadaists, dancers, performance artists, Fluxists, and of course the Post Neo Anti Absurdists, - kids are especially welcome. We’ll March from 2nd Street & Campbell Avenue, along Norfolk Avenue to the Taubman Museum.

There will be a kids Street Carnival for several hours after the parade with hot drinks, Moon Bouncers, Cabaret Voltaire sound booths, stamp and cut stations and carnival chicken toss games! Sign up info@marginalarts.com for your spot now!


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