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Marginal Arts Festival was created by Community High School.  We are looking to become even more community driven.  We would love more input and participation from diverse communities in South Western Virginia who are trying to be heard and from artists, performers, writers, composers from anywhere or are do something different, absurd or difficult.  We welcome anyone who is interested in taking on a leadership role in the festival.

For more information on the school or the festivals origins contact us at

Physical Address: 302 2nd Street, SW Roanoke, VA 24011-1502
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2104, Roanoke, VA 24009 (540) 345-1688


One Response to Contact Us

  1. AEHouston says:

    I just got to your site via the Taubman website. The event(s) sound very interesting, but I can’t tell if they’re over or not! Since there is no year listed in association with the dates anywhere that I can find, I don’t know whether to plan for this or not.

    Maybe you could include the year in your notices, & encourage the Taubman to do the same thing? It may sound trivial, but for people scanning the web it is becoming a much more irritating problem – you see an event on a site, but since there is no year attached to the date you go on by, rather than stopping & planning for the date.
    Thanks -
    North Carolina