Friday, January 27, 20, 8:00pm until 11:00pm

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What do you like talk about, and never get the opportunity? In what do you find fascination which you wish to convey to others? What do you have to show us? To teach? To introduce? Come share it at the Marginal Arts Festival! The Festival runs from Feb. 16-21, 2012. Star… City Shadow School will be coordinating a series short talks, demonstrations, micro-lectures, workshops, show-and-tells, and whatever else YOU can come up with. Presentations will be taking place in several venues throughout the festival, in collaboration with other community projects. Subject and form are up to you: the more variety the better! This is an opportunity for us all to discover knowledge, resources, interests, resources and possibilities that lie hidden within our community–sowing seeds which we can cultivate over the following months and years. Presentations will be given and attended by visiting artists from our various extended communities as well, and will be one more platform for building dialogues and networks of friendship between Roanoke and other communities worldwide. If you have something to share, contact and/or contact us through this page. It needn’t be ambitious–most presentations should be a half-hour or less, and can be as formal or informal as you please, on any topic. If you’d like to present something longer, let us know and we’ll see what we can arrange. If you’d like to be a part of this, please let us know by January 27; at that time we’ll work with everybody to assemble a schedule and have a programme with times and locations ready to distribute before the Festival begins.


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